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FCRAV Hereditary Diseases Policy

Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia (HD) is a polygenic hereditary disease affecting many breeds of dogs. The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) operates a scheme under which hip-x-rays are taken and gradings assessed. Acceptable hips for breeding are those assessed as within the breed average as published by the AVA.

The Flat Coated Retriever Association of Victoria (FCRAV) Hip Dysplasia control program (I996) follows:

1. The control program will be known as the Flat Coated Retriever Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Control Program. The program is directed at reducing the incidence and severity of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia in the breed. The program will be open to all Flat Coated Retriever owners.

2. Dogs must be 12 months of age or more before x-ray of the hips are taken.

3. The x-ray procedure will be in accordance with the AVA requirements and approved readers for that scheme will do the gradings.

4. A pass under the test for hips will be an AVA score of not greater than the breed average and for Elbows, a grading of Normal.

5. Dogs, which have been x-rayed overseas, will only be accepted if a copy of the X-ray results is submitted to the Association.

6. Dogs which have been x-rayed prior to the commencement of the program will be accepted.

7. The Association will actively encourage owners to have every one of their dogs x-rayed and graded and results submitted to the Association/recorder and to only breed from those passing the test.

8. The Association will actively encourage breeders to breed for better hips and elbows, and to breed dogs assessed as within the breed average, OR, not more than 50% above the breed average in one of the 2 animals joined. Animals used above the breed average must have individual hip scores with a differential of not more than 3. ie One animal’s hip score less than the breed average, other at the limit of the range (13) maximum scores acceptable 5-8.

9. Only litters in which both parents have been passed for breeding in accordance with the program will be accepted for referral to the Association's puppy referral scheme or accepted for advertising in the Association newsletter.

10. Advertisements for a stud dogs will only be accepted for the Association newsletter and referral scheme where the dogs have been passed under the program, and scores provided in the advertisements.

11. Passes under the program will be published only on the written approval of the dog owner, all passes will be recorded and a list of passes will be available to breeders. The score can only be obtained from the owner of the dog/bitch.

12. The specific scoring information will be held confidential by the Association, unless the owner gives approval.

13. An annual report on the program will be prepared and presented as part of the Associations annual report.

14. A person will be elected by members of the Association to administer the program.

15. This policy shall reviewed annually by the incumbent committee.