Flatcoated Retriever Association of Victoria

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Breed Personality, Character & Temperament

The Flat Coated Retriever a medium sized dog. The preferred height for dogs (male) is 58-61cm. Bitches are normally a little smaller and more feminine in looks, their preferred height is 56-59cm. To go with these measurements a well proportioned and reasonably fit Flatcoat should weigh somewhere between 25-35kg for dogs and the bitches between 25-34kg.

The Flat Coated Retriever has been described as the Canine Peter Pan; he never grows up and is always ready for fun and play even when advanced in years. It is kind, sociable and loving animal, because of this is totally trustworthy with children. (supervision should be undertaken with small children particularly with a young puppy, however, supervision is recommended at all times with young children and dogs.

A Flat Coated Retriever will bark if someone is around, but it is definitely not a guard dog.

He is firstly a companion, always requiring and sometimes demanding to be in the company of owner/s. He craves for human company. He is not a one man dog, it generously shares his/her affection albeit the family or the neighbours.

Most Flatcoats are compatible with other pets depending on the pet. Most will live in harmony with cats if they are trained to do so.

The average life span of a Flat Coated Retriever is approximately 11 years.


EXERCISE: Every dog benefits from a daily walk, swim or run, however, can survive if it only gets out approximately 3 times a week, but more often the better.

GROOMING: The coat is long so therefore a brush once a week would ensure a healthy coat some minor trimming especially around the feet and ears make him look tidier.

FEEDING: Feeding costs will vary depending on the activity level of the dog and the personal requirements of the owner. Most Flatcoats will thrive on any complete diet and your own Veterinary practitioner can advise you or refer your questions to the breeder.


A Flat Coat is not the sort of dog that can be totally happy without human companionship, this is why it is not suited to large breeding kennels, as it needs individual attention, it is at his happiest when he is interacting with his owner, he likes to be part of the action, even if that is just laying at his owners feet.

Normal secure fencing is required for this breed, as with most dogs these days he has no road sense with the large volume of traffic.


An active person who is prepared to have the dog around him be it in the house, garden, to take him for walks, runs and swims. It is well suited for the family with children over 7 years, younger children may be knocked over due to it’s exuberance when a puppy. Most breeders prefer to sell to families with children of the age who can be taught not to harm the puppy.